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1) Message boards : News : 321 Sieve is over (Message 145197)
Posted 65 days ago by JimBProject donor
They've never deleted automatically for me. Feel free to delete it.
2) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : Seventeen or Bust and the Sierpinski Problem (Message 140777)
Posted 217 days ago by JimBProject donor
The WU currently has 10 tasks of which 2 (as mentioned) have led to a (maybe wrong) result. The maximum is 15 resp. 5.

Except that if it hits 15 it will be changed to some much higher number, I believe 99.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Menu structure (Message 140776)
Posted 217 days ago by JimBProject donor
The certificate and user search are available from Your Account page. The user search is called "Find Friends" and is on the right side near the top. The certificate is just above the "other projects you particiate in" list.
4) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : Only GPUs tasks (Message 140529)
Posted 230 days ago by JimBProject donor
Better yet, uncheck the Use CPU box near the top, otherwise 321 Sieve will be autoselected again.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Mega Primes Stat Charts (Message 139933)
Posted 264 days ago by JimBProject donor
The official announcement says: The prime was verified internally using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz with 32GB RAM, running Linux Debian.

Otherwise known as
6) Message boards : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem : SR5 primes may take up to 10 times longer to process than composites (Message 139067)
Posted 303 days ago by JimBProject donor
I just realized we hadn't said anything about credit. Because we know an SR5 prime in the form k*5^n+1 takes twice as long, we give twice the BOINC credit. For an SR5 prime in the form k*5^n-1 we give 5x the normal credit. So nobody is missing out on credit for discovering a conjecture prime (if that would even bother anyone in the first place).
7) Message boards : Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem : SR5 primes may take up to 10 times longer to process than composites (Message 139044)
Posted 304 days ago by JimBProject donor
This is what they look like if you run them manually:

jim@ps2:~/test$ ./c -d -t4 -q"146264*5^2953282-1" Base prime factor(s) taken : 5 Starting N+1 prime test of 146264*5^2953282-1 Using FMA3 FFT length 720K, Pass1=320, Pass2=2304, clm=4, 4 threads, a = 3 146264*5^2953282-1 may be prime. Starting Lucas sequence... Using FMA3 FFT length 720K, Pass1=320, Pass2=2304, clm=4, 4 threads, P = 4 146264*5^2953282-1 may be prime, trying to compute gcd's U((N+1)/5) is coprime to N! 146264*5^2953282-1 is prime! (2064261 decimal digits, P = 4) Time : 23182.986 sec.
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : Task in progress but won't show up in app (Message 138974)
Posted 307 days ago by JimBProject donor
It has now timed out and will be sent to someone else. This can happen sometimes that the system thinks you have a job when you don't, especially if your internet connection is flaky. Don't worry about it, this is what BOINC does. There was no human interaction required and it's not counted against you in any way.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Year of the Rat Challenge (Message 138886)
Posted 310 days ago by JimBProject donor
Everyone please keep in mind that LLR is doing a PRP test on SR5 candidates. If that test comes out as PRP (probable prime), then LLR starts a second round of testing. If c=1 that test takes as long as the first test and so it'll take twice as long overall. If c=-1 the second test takes 4x as long as the first one for a total of 5 times as long. If you have a candidate that's taking longer, do not abort the test. You could be throwing away your chance to be a prime finder.

GCW behaves similarly, just so everyone knows.
10) Message boards : Fermat Divisor Search : Duplicate work? (Message 138726)
Posted 315 days ago by JimBProject donor
Didn't PrimeGrid in the past do exactly the same to other people's reservations at ?

First this was promised:
"" wrote:
Here is how it will work. PrimeGrid will reserve large ranges of k and n. It will perform both a first test and a double-check of all candidates. When it is within weeks of completing this reservation, it will place another reservation for a smaller range of k and n. Of note, some of these ranges will overlap ranges currently reserved to other searchers. PrimeGrid will NOT SEARCH those ranges.

That agreement was then spat upon by PrimeGrid. The ranges were poached by PrimeGrid, the hits were reported by mere days earlier than owners would find them.

So, it is interesting after a number of years to see how the atmosphere that was sowed by PrimeGrid is now being reaped.

Notice that I didn't say anything about this. It's our users complaining. I just PM'd you the results of a PFGW run on 11*2^8103463+1, seems like there should have been an official comment on it.

It was me who killed the agreement, it had outlived its usefulness. I did not feel bound by agreements Lennart made. If you're really still mad after all this time I feel sorry for you.

Nobody owns the k=11 Proth candidates and Ryan is welcome to test them if he wants. PrimeGrid will automatically skip over the ones he reported without any human interaction. If Ryan would like to give us any LLR primality residues, we could use them to speed up our testing. But he's certainly under no obligation to do so. So PrimeGrid users, kindly shut up about this.

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