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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : vsyscall=none causing core dumps? (Message 115746)
Posted 628 days ago by Neil Romig
OK thanks, I'll try with the kernel parameter and post my results.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : vsyscall=none causing core dumps? (Message 115688)
Posted 630 days ago by Neil Romig
I have recently combined my two GTX660ti cards into one machine on an XFX 750i motherboard and running Arch Linux. I am getting alot of core dumps of the following type:

Mar 01 20:25:24 zenith kernel: primegrid_tpsie[2522] vsyscall attempted with vsyscall=none ip:ffffffffff600000 cs:33 sp:7ffcd5901708 ax:ffffffffff600000 si:0 di:7ffcd5901720 Mar 01 20:25:24 zenith systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID 2523/UID 0). Mar 01 20:25:24 zenith systemd-coredump[2524]: Process 2522 (primegrid_tpsie) of user 981 dumped core. Stack trace of thread 2522: #0 0x0000000000431fa8 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #1 0x00000000004327fb n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #2 0x000000000046f658 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #3 0x000000000040c5a6 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #4 0x000000000042edb0 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #5 0xffffffffff600000 n/a (n/a) #6 0x00000000004136d5 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #7 0x00000000004141d6 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #8 0x000000000040ae7b n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #9 0x00000000004091e2 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #10 0x000000000040961d n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #11 0x000000000040971d n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #12 0x00000000004097ab n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #13 0x0000000000400b47 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #14 0x0000000000435561 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/ #15 0x00000000004001f9 n/a (/var/lib/boinc/projects/

Any ideas? Never had a problem when cards in separate machines.
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