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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Autumnal Equinox Challenge (Message 40601)
Posted 3210 days ago by Astro_Leb
hi ,
this might be a silly question,

I have began crunching for this challenge before it begins.
my wu will be done after the begening of this challenge, so would it count or not?

should i download and crunch when the challenge timer reaches zero or its ok like that ?

best regards
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Validating tasks issu , help! (Message 38792)
Posted 3265 days ago by Astro_Leb
Hello ,
I have been computing for primegrid for 2 weeks and after at least 5 days where no wu sent i have finally been able to download 15 tasks .
After crunching was done ,it is supposed to be validated and get credits but the problem is the statu of my wu are (ready to be validated) . Its been 3 days like this and unable to download any new primegrid wu .

Is there any problems? i have a gtx460 and crunching time approximativly 5min/task.

p.s: im not getting any wu for my cpu thow .

best regars

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