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1) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : SoB tasks can really be a S.O.B. to accomplish (Message 124356)
Posted 1726 days ago by KWSN The Holy Hand Grenade!
To answer the questions raised:

1) yes, that computer runs 24/7, power failures and Micro$oft Win 10 updates permitting.

2) that computer is also (currently) running 7 SETi@home CPU tasks, and a SAH Beta GPU task.

3) I don't know if I have Dual-channel RAM with two sticks of RAM in this computer - it is under warranty, and I don't want to unscrew the back to find out... With 12Gb, I probably have 8 and a 4 Gb sticks of SODIMM, so I only have the benefit of dual channel on 8 Gb...

Notice that I say "that computer", as I have 7 currently running, (5 laptops) with at least another three waiting for me to fix them! (I just got back from a 'round the world trip Dec 26, and am only now getting my biologic clock back on my home time zone {American Pacific Standard Time...[there is a Australian Pacific time zone, too, as I understand it...]})

When I gave my figures, I had to use the figure in the "elapsed" column, as I don't know when this task actually started, not being home at the time (see last paragraph...) that the WU started. I would not be surprised if the discrepancy is because the WU started and was then laid aside for other higher-priority WU's, not necessarily from PrimeGrid, or because PrimeGrid ran out of allotted "Resource Share" time... (as I recall, I got 8 PG WU's at once, only one of which was this SOB task...)
2) Message boards : Seventeen or Bust : SoB tasks can really be a S.O.B. to accomplish (Message 124302)
Posted 1727 days ago by KWSN The Holy Hand Grenade!
I am having problems getting S.O.B. jobs to finish within the deadline. I currently run a stock (non-overclocked) I7 8550U, 12 Gb main memory, although not multi-threaded. I currently have a task that is 86.49% complete with 4 days to go showing, (that figure does not come down as fast as it should, though...) that was due on Dec 26, 2018 - it shows as running for 28 days, so far! Any hints?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Saint Nicholas' Challenge (Message 81028)
Posted 3223 days ago by KWSN The Holy Hand Grenade!
note that Dec 5 is the King's Birthday holiday in Thailand... (long may he reign!)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Genefer has timed out (Message 65716)
Posted 3780 days ago by KWSN The Holy Hand Grenade!
I also thank you for the info: I currently have a Genifer 2.05 CUDA that has (as I write this...) about 19 hrs left on it, then a Genifer World Record 2.06, also CUDA , that's claiming 7673½ hrs to process on my single GTX 660 (non-TI) The WU has a due date of June 11 - I won't make it, (by a lot!) if the estimate is anywhere near correct... (that's 318+ days!)

Perhaps someone at PG should look into making the deadline on the World Record Genifer tasks longer... as a WU with a deadline that can't possibly be met on a fairly fast CUDA card of an affordable nature would tend to make a lot of people cancel the WU long before completion!
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