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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Great Internet Fermat Prime Search Challenge (Message 158428)
Posted 61 days ago by wareyore
Wow 4080 : 7,500 sec...

Some 4090 overclocked versions like galaxy can be wery powerfull. Especially for "lucky" task's
Have we already some 4090 here on project? And times on tasks..

A RTX 4090 is participating in the challenge:
GFN-21: 6,000 seconds.

RTX 4090 under 400W now. Dropping slowly to see what it needs to complete tasks in ~28,000, which should still net 3 DYFL tasks per day.

Status Run time CPU time Credit Application

Completed and validated (1st) [Proof task] 25,204.40 481.92 954,975.53 Do You Feel Lucky? v4.01 (OCLcudaGFNEXTREME)
Completed and validated (1st) [Proof task] 24,550.59 605.77 955,058.29 Do You Feel Lucky? v4.01 (OCLcudaGFNEXTREME)
Completed, waiting for validation [Proof task] 25,261.49 483.17 pending Do You Feel Lucky? v4.01 (OCLcudaGFNEXTREME)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Pi Approximation Day Challenge (Message 156514)
Posted 197 days ago by wareyore
Did they end the challenge early then?
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