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PrimeGrid is not a project financed by universities or private commercial entities. It runs entirely on donations and money earned from Google AdSense.

As this is a relatively small project, it does not require big amounts of money compared to big BOINC projects (like SETI@Home or Rosetta@Home), however, it still is too much money if I have to pay it alone. Therefore your help is needed: the list below shows the amount of money required to cover the running costs of the project.

Thank you very much for helping!

Rytis Slatkevičius, PrimeGrid Administrator

Hosting (starting from February 2013)
Required: 900€ (estimated total; already spent - 234.06€)

Selection donation type

Donations in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom and WebMoney
You will be directed to a payment processor "" (""). Please follow the directions there in order to donate.
Donation through PayPal

Amount you would like to donate:
Euro €
(Minimum is €2.00 due to PayPal transaction fee)
Cryptocurrency donations
We are accepting cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Gridcoin) donations to the following addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1Primep9wnNh4bhmLDsGQLzyo41eL9xvkc

Gridcoin (GRC): S6RimEgrEar84vQpsmVAVFbGkxfJ4i2sec

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