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List of arithmetic progressions

Found by mfbabb2:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)20212657659003810463+20906560*23#*n for n=0..192017-01-31 23:45:20 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20232326296685652397+4020530*23#*n for n=0..192016-10-05 06:09:19 UTC 
Double checked by mfbabb2:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)20276174739228458877+129962696*23#*n for n=0..192019-06-16 00:00:23 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20345275906471419031+74823216*23#*n for n=0..192019-08-16 15:25:57 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20102732955507400089+123750645*23#*n for n=0..192019-05-14 15:23:53 UTC 
AP27 (2016)206306482898050893+115418615*23#*n for n=0..192019-04-06 01:53:33 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20234594732331327177+28533732*23#*n for n=0..192017-04-30 23:12:41 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20268381579341471329+4387405*23#*n for n=0..192016-10-06 00:08:12 UTC 
AP27 (2016)2098554402300548377+33230604*23#*n for n=0..192017-07-01 14:08:03 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20167202590387093357+3157092*23#*n for n=0..192016-09-26 10:13:49 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20162366179796557459+3755598*23#*n for n=0..192016-09-29 16:37:11 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20158309214155665753+4332175*23#*n for n=0..192016-10-05 12:15:54 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20109479929854413409+3812780*23#*n for n=0..192016-09-30 01:28:41 UTC 
AP27 (2016)2091596154770916963+3337862*23#*n for n=0..192016-09-26 18:58:20 UTC 
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